600-MW Data Center

Massive Data Center Campus Near Austin, Texas

  • Client: Whiting-Turner
  • Size: 158 acres
  • Location: Hutto, TX
  • Project Type: Onsite Utilities


Project Scope

Skybox Datacenters and Prologis are developing a state-of-the-art 600-megawatt campus near Austin, Texas, which will provide up to 4 million square feet of data center space. The Skybox PowerCampus Austin, located in Hutto, will commence delivering capacity in late 2024. The development agreement, approved by the Hutto City Council, positions Austin as a key destination for hyperscale data centers and cloud platforms. The site will feature two private 300MW dedicated substations, making it one of the most scalable data center campuses in the United States.

Sendero Industries is proud to contribute to this significant infrastructure project, enhancing Austin’s reputation as a technology hub.

Storm Sewer: Sendero Industries is responsible for installing an extensive storm sewer system to support the Skybox PowerCampus Austin project. This includes:  

  • 2,250 LF of 8’x3′ reinforced concrete box (RCB)
  • 470 LF of 60-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP)
  • 4,115 LF of 24-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE pipe)
  • 21 precast concrete grate inlets with cast iron frames and grates

Sanitary Sewer: Our team will also manage the sanitary sewer installation, featuring: 

  • 1,346 LF of 8-inch SDR 26 PVC pipe and fittings
  • 521 LF of 4-inch SDR 26 PVC pipe and fittings
  • 5 precast concrete manholes with cast iron rings, covers, and stabilized sand backfill

Fire/Water Main: Additionally, Sendero Industries will handle the installation of fire and water mains, including:

  • 9,787 LF of 12-inch ductile iron pipe with cast iron fittings and necessary thrust blocking
  • 250 LF of 10-inch C-900 PVC pipe with cast iron fittings and thrust blocking
  • 245 LF of 8-inch C-900 PVC pipe with cast iron fittings and thrust blocking
  • 500 LF of 6-inch ductile iron pipe for fire hydrant leads
  • 2,485 LF of 3-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe with solvent weld fittings
  • 4 fire sprinkler service entries (8-inch) looped into the slab, terminating 12 inches above finished floor with a flanged plug
  • 21 fire hydrants with 6-inch shut-off valves and covers
Hutto Data Center

Working with Sendero Industries on the Skybox PowerCampus Austin project has been a game-changer. Their expertise in storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water line installations is unparalleled. The professionalism and quality of their work have ensured that our data center infrastructure is robust and reliable. We highly recommend Sendero Industries for any large-scale infrastructure projects.

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